Hafner: Visiopaq®


Hafner is a business leader in the field of "ready to fill" pastry products. The company also specialises in patisserie products for the fresh self-service aisle. Cakes, tarts and other treats are produced for retail sale.

Some of this retail range is already packaged under the Visiopaq® brand of ANL Packaging. Our Visiopaq® is a sealable package (MAP-compatible) which offers an unimpeded view of the products by using transparent RPET, some of which is made from recycled material. The packaging is 100% recyclable.

As well as unrivalled value enhancement, the Visiopaq packaging protects the products while guaranteeing an optimum product quality for several days before consumption.

To standardise but also to improve the value of the range, Hafner opted to pack all its patisserie products in Visiopaq®. This study was accompanied by logistics optimization with the aim of rationalizing and optimizing packaging and logistics. Hafner divided its range into 6 lower trays and 7 covers. So each patisserie product or assortment has the perfect packaging.


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