ANL Packaging sustainability

A Closed-Loop Vision

With European legislation as a basis, we develop bespoke packaging designs that are future proof. At ANL Packaging we design to recycle. We prefer to use monomaterials that can be easily recycled. We use fewer additives as possible since they make it harder to recycle. We adapt the designs of your packaging where possible to enhance mechanical features, depending less on material characteristics.

design to recycle

plastic packaging in a circular economy

We mainly focus on two materials, PET & PP. For PP there is an existing recycling stream of the material. They re-use PP in building & construction applications. PET is mainly used in the packaging sector. Therefore the only application for the recycled materials is packaging or clothing. We buy Post Consumer Waste RPET and process this in our transparent packaging where possible.

RPET has had a former life and this causes the colour deviations & black dots that may occur. Material characteristics can also be affected, this is solved by treating the RPET flakes in our Solid-State Polymerization machine. This installation also eliminates chemical impurities making them food-grade approved. We are EFSA certified for this process.

Food safe packaging is our number one priority. All recycled packaging produced by ANL Packaging is guaranteed food safe. Circular packaging that delivers on all aspects.

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