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Carbon black free material

Carbon black is a common colouring agent used to create dark colours in packaging. It gives an opaque dark colour at an attractive price level, this is why it is widely used in masterbatches.

Nir detectable dark colours

NIR black

keeping the waste streams as clean as possible

The problem in using Carbon black is that it gives a problem in the sorting facilities. Here a Near Infra Red detection unit is used to sort all different kind of plastics before they are recycled. It is key in recycling that the waste streams are as clean as possible and that no materials are mixed. Plastics need to be separated by their type. The carbon used in the traditional dark coloured packaging absorbs most of this NIR-beam.  The reflected part of the light does not deliver enough information to the detection unit to determine the type of plastic.  Therefore these packs are classified as “unknown” material and eliminated for further recycling.

For Plastic processors, black is an interesting colour because it can contain all (internal) recycled material. All colours can be used to make black material. Black packaging is very common it is used for a variety of reasons: premium appearance, lower cost price, less sensitive for food traces,… so it is important that we can still produce dark coloured packaging when desired but without affecting the recyclability of the materials.  

Cotrep certificates

ANL Packaging can offer black & brown packaging that doesn’t contain carbon. We’ve passed the intense Cotrep testing protocol and are likewise certified for both our black & brown PP & PET. The certificates can be found in the download area below. Please note that Cotrep is a French organization and that the certificates are formulated in French.


PP Black

PET Brown

PP Brown


ANL Packaging offers over 50 years of thermoforming craftsmanship and creativity.

In addition to high-quality standard references, the largest part of the ANL Packaging product range consists of bespoke references.

This enables us to enhance the individuality of the customers’ products.

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