Circular Economy Thinking

In a circular economy, all material used to make products & packaging gets re-used. Not downcycled into other goods but re-used for the same purpose. To enhance this we need to consider the materials we use. Transparent mono materials are preferred since they contain the least contamination. Using colour, PE seal layer,… contaminates the material and decreases its economical and environmental value. ANL Packaging is focusing on thoughtful use of materials and guiding our partners through the circular economy.

 Together for sustainable packaging


Use of Post-Consumer Waste

At ANL Packaging, clients have the possibility to incorporate Post Consumer Waste in their packaging. Depending on the application we determine the amount of recycled content. As a standard, we start from min. 25% of Post Consumer Waste, often completed wit Post-Industrial Waste that is peculiar to thermoforming. For the moment we can only offer PET post-consumer waste. PP is more difficult to obtain due to availability & unsuitability of the material offered.

We only buy Foodgrade approved quality and enhance the material, if necessary, with our SSP installation. ANL Packaging is a BRC certified company and the packaging we produce is always compliant with all regulations in force.



In biomaterial, a lot of possibilities exist, but finding your way through this jungle and picking the material that suits your needs the best is quite a challenge. Biomaterials that can be thermoformed are a bit harder to find, but we can offer some options. All depending on why you want to switch to a biomaterial, which characteristics you are looking for & how the packaging needs to perform in your production. ANL Packaging offers a guide through bioplastics and a personal approach. If you’re committed to having a bioplastic packaging, ANL Packaging is your partner.

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